Mediation Services

What Is Meditation?
Mediation is where people meet with a third party in order to negotiate and come to an agreement. Honolulu divorce mediation can make things less stressful for everyone. The following things are discussed during mediation.

Benefits of Mediation
If a divorce case goes to court, then the court will make the decisions and you will not have much control over it. Mediation gives you more control, as you have the opportunity to discuss your options and come up with solutions that will work for both parties. You should talk to a Honolulu divorce attorney if you think that mediation is right for you.

Meditation helps the divorce process go a lot smoother and will allow you to have a more amicable divorce. Divorce is stressful, not only for the couple involved, but also their family and friends. For this reason, it is important to try to keep things as peaceful as possible. This is even more important if there are children involved.

The divorce process can be long and expensive. Choosing mediation can save you a lot of time and money, as you will be able to sort things out with a mediator and spend less time in court. Mediation is cheaper and much quicker than a lengthy court case.

Contact the Office of Christopher D. Thomas Attorney at Law
It is possible for you to go through a divorce without a lot of stress and drama. Mediation can help you sort thing out peacefully and efficiently. Attorney Christopher D. Thomas has practiced as a mediator for 8 years and has participated in hundreds of mediation sessions during this time. He has been appointed by the Hawaii Court as a volunteer mediator and settlement master. Call our office today to find how we can help you.