Administrative Discharge Proceedings


You may be facing an administrative discharge proceeding for any number of reasons, including being accused of some type of misconduct, failure to make progress in a physical or professional training program, mental or physical disorders, drug or alcohol problems, being the cause of an accident, or another situation.

Mr. Thomas has extensive experience in litigation, both as a JAG officer and as a civilian attorney, and will advocate vigorously on your behalf. He understands the severity of administrative proceedings and will thoroughly prepare you for the process.

In an administrative discharge proceeding, you face the possibility of the end of your military career. An unfavorable outcome can affect your service characterization, adversely affect your military service benefits, and may also negatively affect your future civilian career opportunities.

In the face of losing your job, your benefits, your housing, your retirement, the cost of your military education and/or an enlistment bonus, and possibly your future employability, you should seriously consider hiring an experienced trial lawyer.

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