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Law Practice of Christopher D. Thomas

As an attorney and counselor at law, Christopher D. Thomas has founded his practice on the principles of assertive, energetic, yet personable representation of clients who face the most difficult of legal challenges. He knows that clients want real results, want them quickly, and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

about imageMr. Thomas is known for his seasoned, rational, and proactive approach to his three areas of practice: family law, military law, and criminal law. If you are having a problem with divorce, custody, post-divorce enforcement, restraining order, guardianship or paternity matters, court martial, or security clearance issues, he will help you in a down-to-earth, communicative, and transparent style.

Mr. Thomas’ Honolulu-based office allows him to represent individuals throughout all of the Hawaiian islands and Court jurisdictions (http://www.courts.state.hi.us/), as well as clients based on the U.S. Mainland.