Legal Approach to Revolutionizing Mental Health Care: The Power of Assisted Community Treatment (ACT) and Street-Medicine Orders


In a world that continually strives for progress and innovation, the field of mental health care is no exception. One of the most groundbreaking approaches in recent years is Assisted Community Treatment (ACT) (also referred to as Assertive Community Treatment or Assertive Outpatient Treatment), combined with the concept of street-medicine Court issued orders. These strategies […]

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What are extreme risk protection orders and why are they important?


Your Hawaiian Family Law attorneys can help you petition the courts to remove a gun from a potentially dangerous person to prevent an unfortunate situation. An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) allows law enforcement professionals or a family member to temporarily remove a firearm from someone who poses a risk to themselves or to others. Why Were […]

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Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation in Hawaii


Divorce can be hard on all parties involved. When a couple goes through a separation as intense as a divorce, it can cause a lot of emotional stress. Relationships are complicated, and breaking up one can be one of the hardest things to do. There are so many issues to resolve in a divorce that […]

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